With over 16 years professional experience designing and fabricating armor, props & costumes for collectors, museums and the entertainment industry, I can create the custom piece you need within your timeframe. From ancient history to pop culture, I have the knowledge and vision to create the high quality and detailed item you’re looking for.

Although MP Filmcraft is an international business with clients around the world, I continue to do all the work myself from my shop in Austin, Texas. When you order from MP Filmcraft, you can be sure that the finished product is 100% handcrafted by me.

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For info please email Matt Poitras at:


New Varangian and Byzantine armorVarangian.html

World Premiere at WorldFest Film Festival on April 13th 2013

New Game of Thrones replicasgameofthrones.html
To Go Viking: Feature Documentary 
                                        Click here for infohttp://www.togoviking.com/http://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_13_link_0